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We are LOΦΤ BG

We are exclusive representatives of authentic Greek products. From the moment we get exclusivity be sure we have chosen the right partner for you. Our company is a new general trading company born of our 20 years of empirical professional adventures especially in Asia. We traveled, we met people, we learned a lot.
Now we decided that it was time to use this knowledge linking our services to your business. We only represent reputable brands from Greece,always looking for perfection in quality and price.
Our main goal is to build a bridge between Greek enterprises and the world market, even
more between genuine Greek products and Japan. Founded in February 2019 in Petrich Bulgaria and managed by Greek businessman Bill Kafkias, we are proud to recommend LOΦT BG as a reliable partner for your professional solutions.
We are able to export many kinds of original Greek agricultural products such as organic extra virgin olive oil to the world renowned authentic white cheese “feta”. All our products are certified, all our partners are carefully chosen as the best and most efficient manufacturers and producers.


Create an opportunity for Greece to export high quality agricultural products at the best price in Japan, where our two cultures will meet in the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games in 2020.


Export Greek agricultural products all over the world.


Raise sales by small and medium business partners.

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